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Radcliffe Osteopathic Clinic Bolton osteopaths for backain and injuries
Radcliffe Osteopathic Clinic Bolton osteopaths for backain and injuries

An Integrated Approach To Treatment

Our Clinic is a great resource for helping people with a large number of issues from back pain, postural issues, joint pain, tension headaches, repetitive injuries and sports injuries. It’s something we have been doing for a long time.

We have a team of therapists that can help on so many levels, it may be you’re looking for pain relief, a bit of treatment or simply looking to take your health to a better level. Radcliffe Osteopathic Clinic is here to help and if we can’t then we’ll try and find someone who can.

With the body there are many influences which create pain or discomfort, we aim to put together the best treatment plan together and will openly discuss expectations, often we are asked how many sessions are required, this can vary significantly from person to person 2-3, 5-8 sessions or long term maintenance for management of serious issues.

Our osteopaths work around YOU, if you can only attend once then we work out a best plan of action for you, and in every visit look to support and assist where we can. When you understand what’s creating your issues, you can manage and ultimately improve you health and lifestyle.

In consultations we will discuss your lifestyle, including your physical activity, the food you eat and the water you drink. Its difficult to do everything perfect all the time but we in-still a knowledge to help you balance things out.

If you don’t see what you need please call the clinic and one of our practitioners will speak to you, if there busy we will organise a suitably convenient time.

Tel: 012014 522133

If you know what you want simply book online 24/7.

To help you get the most from treatment have put together our tips to help you.

Therapists & Treatment

Meet the team and the therapy they offer, here at Radcliffe Osteopathic Clinic we pride ourselves on giving the best plan to help you move forward with recovery, rehabilitation getting you back to the things you love. We work with elite athletes, local clubs and many people who simply want to be fit and healthy to enjoy life, to just keep going to the club for a game.
For many keeping fit is part of our social life we want you to keep moving, keep active and enjoy the activities that put a smile on you face.

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