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8 Tips to help you deal with Back Pain...

Back Pain is the biggest issue we see, so here are our Tips To Help A Sore Back.


1-Get outdoors

 Being out in the fresh air is good for you, a walk in the park, along the canal or up in the fells can all help you relax, get moving and breathe in fresh air, you lungs will thank you for it.

 2-Sleep Better

When you have back pain, sleeping can be hard. It can wake you up and stop you getting comfy, so try to maintain a good sleep routine. Make sure your pillow and mattress suits you and support your body, this is often difficult to assess but well worth the effort. 3-

3-Good Posture

We all have a posture that is representative of our genetic make-up but also our activities and movements we do. Good posture is balanced, more energy efficient  and performs better. Do not give you body more work to do.


 You cannot be to strong, but you can be strong in one activity whilst weaker in another, ie a runner will have strong legs but not strong arms for heavy lifting, make sure you are able to perform the tasks at hand without stressing and straining muscles,  if you are not strong enough implement a training programme ideally under guidance of an instructor


Being strong is not enough, you need flexibility as tension increase’s pressure onto joints and makes you work a whole lot harder. Stretch and be mobile, try different classes such as yoga, pilate or get a personal trainer for a personal plan.



 You are what you eat and perform accordingly, good nutrition good performance, poor nutrition then performance, supplement and take health food shakes it fill in the blanks whilst you change, modify your diet to best possible. 


Don’t let niggle become issues, niggles stop us training, this impacts our health and fitness for the worse, we generally heal and recover slower as we age, but we still do, so get hands on treatment and support to get you through it. A  diagnosis will provide for a quicker recovery to get you back to the things you love to do. Treatment can help relieve structural problems of the body and especially the spine allowing the return of lost mobility from injury.

 8-If In Doubt

Give us a shout, its what we do here at Deansgate Osteopathic Clinic, assess, diagnose, treat, rehabilitate and help you manage.

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