Helping You Get The Most From Your Treatment

When you are looking to book and attend clinic for treatment there are a few considerations, such as time and commitments, with this in mind its important to book your treatment when you are not rushed and can get there with plenty to time, feeling relaxed will help the treatment and its effects, as stress and anxiety of being somewhere or working to a deadline can have a negative impact, rushing doesn’t help.  Giving yourself time to relax after treatment also helps, just a little downtime allows the body to settle and the treatment process to start, you can also use this time to hydrate by drinking plenty of water.

Before treatment

Pick the right treatment for you, if your are not sure ask, ie if you are are having a massage a deep tissue massage is very different to a Swedish massage with different effects on your body and can help your health in different ways.

On the the day of treatment, try not to exercise especially afterwards, your body is relaxed and needs time to adjust to the body work done, strenuous activity after treatment can strain your body so the possibility of injury is a real risk.

Prior to treatment having a warm shower can help you relax and loosen the muscles helping give a deeper more relaxing experience.

Don’t wear perfume or aftershave, the scents can be strong and overwhelming, massage may also involve essential oils so the combination may not be soothing.

Don’t eat a large meal 2-3 hours prior, you don’t want to be bloated or have to lie on a full stomach as it could be uncomfortable.

Take the opportunity to go the the toilet, you don’t want to get up to go half way through a treatment or be lay there bursting to go.

Wear comfortable clothing thats loose without lots of buttons, zips or very tight to the body, we use towels to cover your body but wearing shorts can help you move about easier and give more confidence, if in don’t you can also ask the therapists what works best. 

After your treatment 

Planning and preparation count for a lot, hydration is probably the most important thing to remember as this really does assist recovery, and with fluid the closer it is to water the better, avoiding stimulants and alcoholic beverages, some people simply dislike water so maybe have herbal tea or natural juices.

Try and enjoy the rest of the day, as hard as it can be try not to go back to a stressful environment and lots of hassle, It might not seem a lot but it could undo the beneficial gains from treatment and cause you to tense up again.

Remember ask questions, the more you know about what is happening and why can really help you understand the process, it will also help with future management.

Keep Well, keep active

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