The Rolphi Cushion

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A spinal alignment cushion to help you sleep by helping alleviate back pain while you sleep..

The Rolphi Cushion

The Rolphi Cushion is a simple, effective and affordable way to relieve Lower Back Pain, the cushion, which sits in a pre-made stocking aligns the spine and pelvis whilst you sleep, helping to relax the back muscles and allowing them to heal naturally. The cushion is made from a unique combination of fibres, which allow it to maintain its buoyancy and stay in position while you sleep. The unique qualities of the cushion also mean that it is non-intrusive and inhibits sweat allowing for a comfortable  pain free nights sleep. 
The research and trial carried out demonstrate the effectiveness of the Rolphi Cushion.

This is what the UCLAN (University College of Lancashire) professors’ report says about the amazing Rophi cushion: “…appears to bring about positive changes in pain and disability levels in LBP (Lower Back Pain) sufferers…and a significant reduction in both the number of nights woken with back pain and the intensity of pain.”

Reassurance indeed that this patented cushion, 12 years in expert development, really works to help relieve pressure and correct your posture while you sleep. Stocking L: 171⁄2in.

Cushion 7in dia. Machine washable at 60° and tumble dry on a low setting.

Class I medical device used by the NHS.

High level of pressure relief to help ease chronic back pain.

Clinically tested to assist therapeutic sleep posture on your side.

Soft, comfy stocking holds the pad between your knees.

Tested by professors of Biomechanics and Physiotherapy.

Knee pad won’t compress or hold moisture and helps prevent perspiration. 

Anti-fungal. Antibacterial. Antimicrobial. Non-allergenic.

The Rophi Cushion £19.99 Free P & P (UK Only)

The Rolphi Cushion

Published Scientific evidence


“Through repositioning of the hips and lower lumbar spine, overall it appears the individual is moved towards a more neutral position when using the Rophi™ cushion and a one week intervention shows a significant improvement in lower back pain on waking”..

The Rolphi Cushion

  • Ingredients: Patented Perspiration Eliminating Fibres, and Soft Cotton Stocking
  • Brand: ROPHI
  • Material composition: Cotton, Polyester with Patented Fibre Filling. Flame Retardant.
  • Shipping Weight: 40.8 g
  • Tested and Proven To Work – Three independent medical trials, carried out by the University of Central Lancashire demonstrated that The Rophi Cushion brings about on average 53% less back pain and sciatica intensity, 68% less nights being woken by back pain, 36% improvement in sleep quality and a 62% reduction in back stiffness.
  • Patented Design – Patented in the UK (no. 2343103), USA (no. 6,760,936) and Canada (no. 2,371,564). Patent covers the unique cushion and stocking design, highly technical fibre cushion filling (tested and proven to eliminate knee perspiration) and manufacturing process required to produce the perfect knee side sleeping travel cushion. Also the perfect pregnancy knee pillow!
  • Perfect Size – Are you sure your current knee/memory foam pillow is the right size? The Rophi Cushion is the optimum size and shape for users – Ergonomic Evaluation of the Rophi Cushion by Dr Kevin Tesh MErgS MIOSH – Ergonomic Adviser to BackCare, the Organisation for Healthy Backs.
  • NHS Approved Product – The Rophi Cushion is an approved NHS Business Services Authority product. Proven to work, this is a real alternative to pain killers for back pain and sciatica.
  • Completely Allergy Free – “Anti-Microbial”, “Anti-fungal/bacterial”, “Anti-Dust Mite” and “Non-Allergenic” – Tested separately by Wellman International Limited, Cambridge Entomology Centre and Law Laboratories, Birmingham.

The Rophi Cushion £19.99 Free P & P (UK Only)

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