Great planning can bring great results…

Its that time when  we tend to over indulge in food and drink as we enjoy the festive season, its a great time for remembrance, families and time just to be at home enjoying the simple things, or maybe not so simple things…

After the festivities we then look at the New Year and think “It’s time for change” we take stock of work home balance and ourselves.

Resolutions are made and a new you is born… and it all goes well.

We start to exercise more and take on the detox to clear way for our new body health plans and better eating intentions. 


However, despite our strong intentions and occasional drunken promise they fail very quickly and motivation is lost, so how do we stay on track and actually know we are on the right track and what can we measure it against?

Exercise is quite straight forward we start a new class, join the gym or get a personal trainer, its hard at first but we can see and feel the difference in looks and clothes, and as long as we follow advice, keep to the plan and stay injury free the benefits are there to be seen.

Now the detox is another matter, having followed a few regimes over the years these can be hard, very hard and sometimes the end in mind is very blurred, why do we really do them? how do we measure these and do they really effect our health?

So how do we measure them?

Well this has become a whole lot easier; you take stock of you health and get a blood test for you overall such as a well man/woman test, if you have concerns of specific conditions or family illness then be more specific. Now no matter how good it is you simply cannot go to the doctor and say I’m changing my lifestyle including exercise and a healthy eating program can you test my blood for health bio-markers (markers that let you know whats going on in your body).

Now if you are considering a new year, a new you approach, or maybe its just a thought you know will come to light in the new year for you to start exercising and improve your health then plan it! You know the phrase poor planning poor performance, never a truer word with health.

Here are our best tips to a health plan and a healthy regime:

1:Choose an exercise that you like! It needs to give you the necessary results, so if you are stiff and achey and not self motivated then the gym is not a good start however, a yoga or pilates class could be beneficial. Bear in mind goals and objectives.

2: Get a personal trainer, great for motivation, advice and putting a plan together to reach your goals. 

Over the years I have treated clients from personal trainers whom have referred there clients for assessment and treatment. This tells me two things they are listening to you and watching you training and making sure you get the best outcome, these are also the personal trainers I recommend and like to work with. You want  personal training to bring the best out in you and your fitness plan. 

3: If injured work with a therapist, it will keep you on track. Don’t let niggles stop you or halt your progress, these are a sign something is struggling,  if left they can become an issues and simply stop your progress, there are plenty of things to do to help prevent an injury. If you are experiencing a niggle book a treatment.

4: Plan hydration: often we just try and drink more which can work however, making note and planning 2 litres (or what ever your requirements are) a day, whilst knowing your consumption of  tea, coffee and juices will help keep you on top.

5: Food, you need to research and plan any changes, make lists, create or follow menus and make sure you have the basics in the house, working to a schedule can make or break a health food plan, before you start plan some trial runs if you will be making unfamiliar dishes, make enough to freeze for when time is short.

6: Medical tests, these can be used if you want to know what is happening within your body, or if the changes you make are influential, if you get a medi-test kit the results tell you of your current state with advice on possible changes after they are reviewed by a medical practitioner, if you are on a one month plan get two and retest, again you get a report on the findings, changes necessary but vitally it will show changes, good or bad.

7: Set goals, but be mindful of generic plans. With this I mean don’t blindly follow the ‘coach to half marathon’ plan we are all very different so may suite alternative plans, again consider a personal trainer. If you wasn’t to take up a challenge start planning it.

8: Get a friend involved, it’s always best to train with someone, different reasons for starting but the end result will be similar, a healthy, more mobile and fitter you! get the most from the day and plan your new year now.

Hope that helps you finish the year and start a new one as best possible..

Keep Well, Keep Active 



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