When recovering from a sore knee should you stretch?
The answer immediately is no.. not without knowing what is wrong, as stretching an injured joint can make it worse.
However, stretching should become part of your recovery plan as it indirectly helps increase strength, it does this by expanding your range of motion, which transfers to function and ability to perform the right movement. When injured you can lose this range of motion so it is vital to place a big importance on it.
With a lot of common injuries initially you need to get things moving so to speak and take the pressure off the injured tissues, this means mobilisation, in particularly the surrounding tissues (joint, muscles), taking pressure off the injured knee will allow a more efficient recovery. Next is rehabilitation with an emphasis on strength, flexibility with the ability to do the action required, get these right and you are on the right track.
Any questions give the clinic a shout.
Keep Well, Keep Active, and stay warm

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