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“The right treatment at the right time combined with the right rehabilitation plan can reduce pain, improve the muscle strength, correct poor movement patterns and increase performance. 
Francis Connor Advanced Practitioner 
Reg’d Osteopath, Chartered Physiotherapist
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Deansgate Osteopathic Clinic

Sciatica Pain Relief….

Deansgate Osteopathic Clinic is placed conveniently and centrally in Bolton. We offer treatment and assistance to help you regain your health, providing a number of different options to make sure you receive the right treatment for you, at the right time.

With any ailment or condition, you need an effective assessment, treatment, management, and rehabilitation plan or simply custom orthotics. You might have come looking for Physiotherapy or a Specialist Osteopath, or possibly here because of NHS delays or someone letting you down.

You might think that pain down your leg is Sciatica or maybe you don’t take favourably to the “rest and painkillers” option that is regularly advised – whatever the reason, we can help.

Becoming health conscious is a great investment in you. Learning the what, why and how and having treatment at the right time is your best option.

Stop Aches & Pains

General aches and pains can stop us enjoying life and from doing the very things we love, we’re here to get you back moving and enjoying life again.

Provide Correct Diagnosis

With over 30 years experience treating people, a expert clinical practitioners we can assess and diagnosis your injury and help you recover to the best of your ability.


Our rehabilitation plan enhances recovery and optimises performance, a key part of recovery and also prevention. 

Osteopathy in Bolton with Deansgate Osteopathic Clinic


Issues Treated

Back Pain

Pebble beach, CA 93953

3 BD | 2.5 BA | 2015 SQFT



Carmel, CA 93940

3 BD | 1 BA | 2,000 SQFT


Plantar Fasciitis

Carmen Highlands, CA 93923

4 BD | 4 BA | 3,213 SQFT

Sports Injury

San Jose, CA 93921

3 BD | 3.5 BA | 3,886 SQFT



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Registered Osteopath Bolton
Registered Osteopath in Bolton
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Deansgate Osteopathic Clinic


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