Just a note about posture…

Posture Awareness

 Posture should never be considered as a perfect static achievement as this doesn’t really exist, posture is dynamic, a constant adaptation to movement and the forces placed on the body, and for this there is an optimum, there is perfection in technique.


Obtaining a perfect posture and movement dynamics is often seen as the ideal for sports, and our leisure activities, it’s also important for everyday activities and work.

Optimising our movement improves energy usage, improves efficiency whilst minimising the stress on the body with increased capacity to handle stress. In essence it makes the task easier to do.. 

So how do we attain optimum movement?

The first step is to eliminate pain, Pain will make you move/adapt for the worse. In a clinical setting this is hands on treatment.

Such an example would be walking with a limp after spraining the ankle this can lead to knee, hip and spinal dysfunction.

Secondly, create better movement in the injured area to promote recovery and help the healing process, movement helps or hinder recovery quite profoundly. Tissue such as muscles, ligaments and bones heal differently with differing timescales all influencing joint function.

Thirdly, eliminate adaptations, Exercise needs to incorporate whole-body inclusion. No one part acts alone, the longer the injury experienced the greater the adaptations may be.

Fourthly, muscles and joints are required to move and handle/react to stress in different positions challenging the perfect form, this is the fit for sport and activity part of rehab, but only when dysfunction is not present.

This brings me to my final point, a point I regularly discuss in the clinic, and that is ‘You get good at what you do’. Think about that for a minute, think about your exercise, activities and how you really move… you may be able to walk 10 miles without pain but this doesn’t make you good at say lifting a grandchild up of the floor sat there smiling at you. I reckon If we lifted weights in the gym the way same we pick up kids, grandkids and pets they would throw you out and throw the weights at you as you leave!… why?  the risk of injury increases, if you do not train to perform then performance is poor, this emphasises the point of cross training and how our exercise needs to be suitable for lifestyle as well as putting a smile on your face…

The best exercise or activity is the one that puts a smile on your face the rest is supportive to keep you going..

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