Plantar Fasciitis

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Some Common Injuries Treated are:


Back Pain Rehabilitation

Back Pain

Flat Feet

Achilles tendon treatment

Achilles Injury

Knee pain treatment and rehabilitation Bolton

Knee Pain

Our Philosophy

Here at Deansgate Osteopathic Clinic we work to a simple Philosophy, to get you back to loving the things you enjoy, to move better, feel better. 
We do this with a comprehensive assessment, evidenced based treatment from skilled and experienced pratitioner who look to not just get you pain free but assist in avoiding further injury implementing preventative measures.

Posture Awareness

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Posture Awareness

Just a note about posture… Posture should never be considered as a perfect static achievement as this doesn’t really exist, posture is dynamic, a constant adaptation to movement and the forces placed on the body, and for this there is an optimum, there is perfection...

Back Pain And Sciatica

What people with back pain need to know about Sciatica... When experiencing back pain, it is often diagnosed as Sciatica, this is not a diagnosis itself more a sign that the nerve is irritated, and something is causing this irritation. Sciatic irritation is associated...

Is it Safe To Crack Your Own Neck

I get asked this quite often and whilst in most cases it doesn't cause harm...  The question should always be re-asked in a different sequence..Why do I fell the need to crack my neck? Answer this and you will be in a better position to resolve any issues that may be...

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