Plantar Fasciitis

One step closer to resolving your Plantar Fasciitis

Some Common Injuries Treated are:


Back Pain Rehabilitation

Back Pain

Flat Feet

Achilles tendon treatment

Achilles Injury

Knee pain treatment and rehabilitation Bolton

Knee Pain

Our Philosophy

Here at Deansgate Osteopathic Clinic we work to a simple Philosophy, to get you back to loving the things you enjoy, to move better, feel better. 
We do this with a comprehensive assessment, evidenced based treatment from skilled and experienced pratitioner who look to not just get you pain free but assist in avoiding further injury implementing preventative measures.

Posture Awareness

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Sports Massage For Desk Workers

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Swimming Pool Therapy: Your Path to Recovery

Its starts with an injury by  ... Francis ConnorMeniscus Rehab Recently I sustained a knee injury, and like many injured people it’s incredibly frustrating and difficult to deal with, we cannot do the sports we love, and feel like we’re losing all our fitness, it’s...

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