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Do any of the following symptoms sound familiar?

 -Pain or a burning sensation in the bottom of your foot…

-Shooting or stabbing pain when you stand, sit or walk for extended periods…

-Difficulty climbing stairs or inclines due to intense pain…

If you’re dealing with these symptoms then you may very well have Plantar Fasciitis! This is a SERIOUS medical condition that can leave you immobile if it goes unchecked. That’s why you need to have an effective and proven treatment plan as soon as possible.

Here at the Deansgate osteopathic Clinic we look to get you back on your feet pain as quickly as possible!

Our Proven Strategies

Stategy #1 Plantar Fasciitis Injury Assessment & Diagnosis 

We provide you with the right information to let you know exactly what tissues are injured, and I know what you’re probably thinking ‘I have a diagnosis’, but I am going to show you that pain under the foot or at the heel can have more than one source, and a precise diagnosis will maximise treatment and recovery.  
This will get you back training, pain free and performing better! 
So, strategy number one is a precise diagnosis, why is this so important? if you don’t have one, plantar fasciitis treatment is generalised and protocol based that looks at the same old plantar fasciitis foot exercises.  

Stategy #2 Dynamic Gait Analysis

We carry out a Dynamic Gait Analysis, using the latest technology with 8000 pressure sensors on a 1 metre foot mat that gives the precise information, no guess work or looking at how you move and trying to measure by interpreting what we see.

Our scan unit provides exact details and analysis on ground contact and how you really move, showing force and direction, we combine this with expert clinical knowledge and experience to give our patients the best possible outcome.
This is the very same technology used to help treat, rehabilitate and optimise performance for team GB athletes Lily Partridge and Ben Connor, with world record holder Paula Ratcliffe contributing her recovery and success to the very same technology we use here in the clinic, technology also use by premier league football clubs Manchester City and Manchester United

Stategy #3 Full Body Assessment

We know injuries are more than just about the feet, and plantar fasciitis is no different!,  in fact not considering the whole body can reduce recovery and impact performance. Injuries to the ankles, knees, hips and spine can cause compensation adaptations negatively affecting the foot issues, so not only do we look at you Gait motion, we examine how the whole body is functions.

Stategy #4 Treatment & Rehabilitation

Based on our assessment and analysis we can take the guess work out of resolving your Planatar Fasciitis.
Our step by step approach will consider:
The best treatment options
The best rehabilitation exercises
If necessary orthotics to provide your feet with the right support and ground contact stability. 
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Plantar Fasciitis Assesment & Treatment Strategy


Analysis Custom orthotics in Bolton

Real time analysis and data on how your feet really move.


Correct function to your feet and provides the right support


Custom orthotics in bolton for restoration

Compensation patterns from altered movement and injuries


Analysis Custom orthotics in Bolton

Injury rehabilitation and correct adaptations form injuries and dysfunction


Optimal health and wellness to keep you training and staying alive.


Custom orthotics in bolton for restoration

The risk of re-injury through optimising body motion and injuries.

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“Francis has a real understanding and expertise on the demands physical exercise places on our bodies. I felt much better after my treatment and got some great advice too.”
Jenny Whisker

“Accurate assessment, diagnosis & treatment recieved. Professional & courteous service. Its important to do the recommended exercises & stretches suggested… 

Imi Bhaiyat

“Francis is amazing at not only treating but explaining why, I’ve been in a lot of pain for a long time, and slowly but surely I’m a lot better. Won’t go to anyone else”

Cheryl Waghorne

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Meet Francis Connor

Francis Connor published author of "Plantar Fasciitis Secrets" is a Reg'd Osteopath, Physiotherapist, Masters Rehabilitation Therapist & Coach
GOsC Registered Osteopath
​HPC & CSP Registered Physiotherapist
MSc Sports Rehabilitation
PT Physio BWFC Academy
Judo Coach
Experience with club and national level
Professional & Amateur athletes and sportspeople,  with patients of all ages and conditions. 
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