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Here at Deansgate Osteopathic Clinic Tel:01204 522133 we have proven experienced Physio’s to help you get back moving.

Francis Connor

Your first step to being pain free..

Recognised and available through BUPA, AXA PPP, Simply Health, pretty much any insurance company that offers physiotherapy.

Experienced Physio working with professional and amateur competitors, also with extensive knowledge working with work related injuries.

Some of the conditions we have a track record of treating;

Back pain, Sciatica, RSI, Hamstring Pulls, ITB injury, Whiplash and many more.. We are a hands on approach physiotherapy clinic.

We look to get you moving quickly and safely so you can carry on with your sports. Some of the techniques we use are manipulation, mobilisation and massage.

Exercise and rehabilitation to improve strength, flexibility and mobility whilst also offering preventative advice to minimise future injury.

Whilst we try and help you get the right treatment at the right time you may have a few concerns prior to visiting ourselves;


Is this your first time having physio, or maybe you have had a bad


experience somewhere else which you don’t want to repeat?

Well don’t worry – we are here for you to discuss any concerns, issues privately and confidentially.


Not sure there is no clear end point with no indication of total cost?

Well don’t worry, we will recommend the required number of treatments discussing the what, why and how to move forward.

Concessionary discounts costs for OAP’s, Students and unemployed, recognised by all major insurance companies BUPA, AXA PPP, WPA please check you terms and conditions as some insurance companies charge you an excess.

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So here are the Deansgate Osteopathic Clinic here’s what we actually tell you…
– what is actually causing your pain
– why it is causing pain
– how can it be prevented or simply managed

Francis Connor Advanced Practitioner 

Chartered Physiotherapist
Registered Osteopath

Posture Awareness

Physiotherapy & Osteopathy

Not sure who to visit for your injury? We have you covered with a multi-qualified Osteopath & Physiotherapist

Treatment for flat feet

Rehabilitation &
Gait Analysis

Getting out of pain is the start, staying out of pain and prevention is the next stage for our analysis and rehabilitation.

Phits 3D Printed Custom Insoles


With a comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation plan in place, custom orthotics give you a stable base. 

How We Can Help…



With expert clinical expertise combined with evidence based practise, here at Deansgate Osteopathic Clinic we can help you recover and achieve your goals… 

Sciatica Bolton

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Back Pain

Back pain is one of the largest complaints to Deansgate Osteopathic Clinic, in fact the treatment of back pain in Bolton follows the epidemic proportions in the western world. Research shows that 60% of the UK’s population will suffer from it at some stage during their lives. Back pain responds well to osteopathic treatment – reducing pain and restoring mobility and quality of life. We also recommend the Bacrac to help manage your pain.

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Sciatica refers to an irritation of the sciatic nerve, the sciatic nerve comes from the lumbar and sacrum then down the legs. An irritation to the sciatic nerve can commonly give you backpain, however sciatic irritation can give rise to a multitude of symptoms, such as pain along the back of the leg, pins and needles or even weakness.
Sciatica itself is not a diagnosis but an irritation to the sciatic nerve.

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Foot & Lower Limb

Achilles Tendinopathy

Irritation of the Achilles tendon is Achilles tendinopathy, this is a more accurate description than Achilles tendinitis.

The most common pain sensation of Achilles tendinopathy occurs behind the ankle and heel’s upper back while walking.

Achilles tendinopathy is prevalent among both inactive and active patients. But athletes with running sports experience about 50% more cases of Achilles tendinopathy.

Flat Feet

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is the most common type of heel pain and occurs when the fascia under the foot that supports the arch fails becoming weaker due to injury, trauma or altered foot mechanics. Foot issues can also be influenced by the knees, hips and pelvis.

Flat feet is another common issue,  active people can experience this particularly sports that are impact in nature such as running, football and walkers,   flat feet can lead to Plantar Fasciitis as both are a issues with foot movement and the foot function.



“In training/coaching you can just overdo it and pick up an injury. I recommend the clinic to my students and friends."

James Doherty

Judo Coach

“As an academic with poor posture, I’ve learned a lot of things. A handy one is to make sure you know a good osteopath!."

Dr John Rowe

Academic and Copy Writer

“My job can be quite sedentary and I need to keep fit. On many occasions I have hobbled in and walked out, thanks!."

Alexandra Whitehead

Veterinary Assistant

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Your next step to being pain free!

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