It nearly the first day of spring, a time to get out and about when you can. And we’re pretty lucky to be in the Northwest as there are so many places to go that are accessible and interesting.

The northwest has an abundance of football, major events, shopping and museums but it also has some great places to get you out into the open air.  Check out the English Heritage  site.

There are lots of places to visit, and the scenery can be stunning.

How much of it have you explored?…

If you’re like me, and Spring is one of your favourite times of the year – it’s the perfect time to get your daily dose of exercise outdoors, to get the kids out and away from technology…

It’s starting to get a little lighter and even a little warmer and the grey colours of a damp winters day being replaced with sunshine and bright colours, with daffodils out everywhere.

I know everyone has their favourite places to work and it’s easier to walk somewhere familiar, but with the sun out why not explore a little. You can visit the coast for a stroll on the beach with the dogs or a hike with the camera, or even something a bit more adventurous. You can find it in the North West, with some great park and places that will simply fascinate you and entertain…

Here’s me and Harrison over at Malham Cove Yorkshire 

So, check out the English Heritage

e site for some ideas and motivation, there’s something for everyone..

And walking helps maintain a healthy weight, boosts your mood, and is one of the BEST ways to keep active no matter what age you are, and personally for me its also a great way for me and my family to do things together..

And on that note keep well and keep moving 🙂

Francis Connor

Manchester Osteopaths
Deansgate Osteopathic Clinic

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