Needs Analysis!

Ok what is it all about?

It seems to be the buzz word at the moment, If you look at a definition it may look like this;

Needs Analysis is a formal, systematic process of identifying and evaluating the presenting health issue, treatment required along with specific needs for management, rehabilitation and prevention. 

Overall a great way of dealing with your presenting back pain or any injury you have.

When people visit the clinic for treatment the primary concern is pain relief, then to prevent it coming back. A needs analysis looks at what is creating the injury, what we need to do to resolve it, what needs to be in place to help prevent a return. This requires an understanding of your lifestyle activities, the demands you place on your body. With this knowledge we can put a plan in place to achieve a better health and pain free body..
Now this all sounds good, however it can go wrong!
The following is a TRUE that demonstrates what happens when you do not understand your abilities and the steps that should be in place.
Pete and I were visiting another friend Adam, unfortunately I was called away at the last minute, so Pete went alone.
This delayed the journey by 20 minutes which isn’t a big issue, however on getting to Adam’s Pete was met with a rather odd sight. Adam in his wisdom decided to get himself a pair of gravity boots, you know the ones they have a hook on the toe end which you place onto the bar which is raised up on the doorway. 
So, there he was stuck upside down, he’d been that way for a while, all I can say is it’s a good job Pete was not called away as he may still be there.
His reasoning seemed logical, he wanted to stretch out his back and loosen his back, unfortunately he was missing a few points;
He didn’t understand his body
Had no plan to achieve the ability to hang inverted.
He forgot his friend was an osteopath!…
So, he didn’t realise the following;
If you cannot touch your toes with gravity bending forward, then doing it inverted against gravity is never going to happen.
If you cannot achieve the desired goals you need a backup plan to get out of an inverted position, i.e. a pulley rope or handles, anything to help you get back up!
My advice DO NOT try this at home especially if you cannot touch your toes or if you live by yourself!.

So back to our needs analysis, if you want to help your back and health start with a plan in mind, even who you see for what part, you may need treatment by one of our therapists or maybe a plan from a PT , maybe you require a referral for further investigation, either way have a direction based on a needs analysis and understanding. 

Know you objectives
Define your goals
Understand where you are now
Understand your needs to achieve
Create a plan

And on that note…
Keep well and keep moving 🙂

Francis Connor

Deansgate Osteopathic Clinic
01204 522133

PS; Did you know we are open on Saturdays and you can book online 24/7

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