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Manual Handling Training Bolton

Manual Handling Training & Risk Assessment

Francis Connor is a consulting osteopath to expert providers “Osteopathic Solutions Ltd” a Manual Handling Training and Risk Management specialist with a national Training and Consultancy Team of Occupational Osteopaths. 

As expert consultant osteopaths we  specialise in the delivery of onsite (bespoke) and public Manual Handling Instructor (‘Train the Trainer’) Assessor Courses, and onsite (bespoke) Practical Skills Courses in your employees’ working environments teaching ‘BackSafe’ manual handling techniques and practices with the specific inanimate loads that your workforce lift, carry, lower, push, pull and team handle.

Manual Handling in the NorthWest with Francis Connor, Osteopath

We also specialise in Manual Handling Training USBs, DVDs, Videos and Online Manual Handling Training Programmes. Essential forms of training in today’s changing learning environment.

Our Occupational Health provision also includes Manual Handling & Ergonomic Risk Assessments and comprehensive Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD) Risk Reduction Reports; Employee Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD) Assessments and Medico-Legal Reports; and filmed onsite Bespoke Manual Handling Training DVD productions.

Our inherently practical and attendee engaging Manual Handling Programmes are in line with HSE guidelines and the Manual Handling Operations Regulations, enhanced by the technical expertise of our Occupational Osteopaths.

Head over to “Osteopathic Solutions Ltd to see what we actually teach in our courses, with Manual Handling Training Explainer Videos, visually engaging Case Studies, detailed Course Outlines and Learning Outcomes and with fixed nationally competitive Manual Handling Training and Consultancy costs fully visible.

Our aim is to supply the most engaging, memorable and habit changing Manual Handling Training that can be provided in the UK with best practice biomechanics of technique, professionally taught at the right cost; reducing your Lost Time Accidents Manual Handling injuries and claims. 

​For all enquiries on how we can help you contact head over to Osteopathic Solutions  

Gareth Milner BSc (Hons) Ost.

Director of Osteopathic Solutions Ltd

0845 299 3513

Manual Handling Training

Emma Farrell BA (Hons)

Design​ & Creative Director

0845 299 3513


Manual Handling training
Manual Handling Training
Manual Handling Training
Manual Handling Training
Manual Handling
Manual Handling Training
Manual Handling Training Bolton
Manual Handling Training Onsite instructor

“Better health for your business and your staff.’

Francis Connor…

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