I’d thought I’d share with you  a quick story about what I learnt from my son Aaron 5 years and I reckon a few people who see me will definitely relate to this.

Like many people I take my turn making tea for the family and this week was no exception, I fancied a nice home-made pie with potatoes and veg, I’ve got to say I didn’t make the pie… it was nice though!

 Anyway whilst I was making a brew I left my son Aaron and Harrison at the dinner table, on some days with work and activities we occasionally eat at different times, this was one of them. Aaron and Harrison was sat at the table, I’d finished and my wife was still at work, as I made a brew and took it through to the lounge Harrison excused himself and went upstairs leaving Aaron at the table….

On returning Aaron was looking very guilty and stood there with an empty plate in his hand? I asked him what’s up and he replied nothing!

I delved and digged a little deeper and asked what he was doing… turns out he didn’t want his dinner so put it in the bin, seriously I couldn’t believe it….

I sent him to his room no food and no toys for a short while with instructions that he was having no dessert and no more food. Here’s the thing though,  I know he needs his food, he is very active with a good appetite, what he didn’t realise is just because he didn’t really fancy sitting there and eating he really needed to. An hour went by and he he came downstairs with tears in his face and said sorry, he also wanted some food as he was hungry… there’s a surprise!

It got me thinking though, how often do we not do things because we don’t fancy it? Simply to busy for the 10 minute exercise routine or 100 other things we would rather be doing?

So this is a reminder motion is lotion to your body, dig out the exercises or find those classes and get back on track, your body will appreciate it. It may also mean less back pain which is always a positive.

Keep well, keep active 





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