This may be titled running, however you can pretty much apply most of the information and actions to any sports, the most important point is to stay fit, healthy and injury free…

The key to running and stay running is don’t get injured!

It sounds so obvious…..

And yet you may think almost impossible.

So far we have had some good weather and with that we get inspired to get out and get fit, we want less time on the tread mill and more time on the grass.

With out new found inspiration we may enter events like the Manchester 10k that’s just happen recently  (I had a few visiting the clinic who did this), or maybe after a night out with friends you make a pact to enter a marathon. I have done this one myself and had some great days whilst improving my fitness along the way.

So who is at injury?

Firstly we need to to consider what are the influences that can lead to injuries when running, or any training come to that. Some of these influences are:

Increase in mileage


Poor warm up

Equally poor cool down and stretching

Poor planning

These are quite general but very relatable to many of the injuries we see, some of the people at risk can be:

Any new runners, because they are new to it and like many sports, there is a technique to running smoothly and efficiently.

Re-starts, if running was something you did in the early years and decide to get back into it.

Returning following an injury, re-injury is a high-risk factor and an indicator for future injury issues.

Anyone wearing new orthotics or changing footwear as this can alter how the body is supported, orthotics are useful as are the right trainers however, you need to understand the influence on the rest of the body and patterns from training or injury, think adaptations and compensation.

So how do you stay injury free?

Before you look at the following points, have a moment to think… do you want to run for an event with a performance based result such as, a half marathon in 3 hours, or is it health based where you want to get out for a run to get moving and improve your physical and mental health. 

Both of these will start the same with planning but the end result will have a different process with different goal setting.

So here are our tips: 

1. Have a plan, don’t just start running, think of where you are, who can help and what do you want to achieve. 

2, Join a running club and work with a coach, building up too quickly can cause injury. Having someone around to help your progress helps significantly.

3. Get to know a good sports injury clinic, here at the Deansgate Osteopathic Clinic we know injuries are part of the game so having support when you need it will help keep you on track and in top shape. You can also get your niggles sorted, if they are felt now then they will certainly increase with training. 

4. Build up a good warm up and cool down routine.

5. Remember the internet is great for information, however, a plan needs to be suited to you and how you respond to exercise, couch to 10k may seem like a good idea but they are general guidelines not specific to you. If you are choosing to follow a video on pilates, it’s again better to go to a small class or have a one on one to really get the most benefits to really learn the right techniques, it will certainly pay better dividends in the long run.

6. Food and nutrition count, you are what you eat and food is energy.

7. Keep hydrated, as training increases so do the fluid requirements.

8. Stick to your plan!  You might get to the end of your run and think, wow I feel really good so decided to run another mile, don’t! Spend the time cooing down and stretching.

9. You have a body! Exercise for the whole body because life demands are varied and it is not just about running, try different activities, it’s called cross training. Consider your work and home lifestyle,  matching activities to help you stay fit and injury free not just running.

10. Strength training, your muscles respond to exercise in a predictable way, it is a balance of creating the right load to develop the performance and function, too much can cause damage and injury. Strength training helps you perform, and remember strength is not about building big muscles and lifting heavy bars. It is about the ability of your muscle to perform optimally with a higher load placed on it in a way you want it to.

So there you have it a few tips to stay fit and running, remember a coach or trainer is a good idea when setting out, it helps you stick to the plan, stay motivated and accountable to yourself. 

We are also here if you need us. 

And on that note keep well and keep moving 🙂


Deansgate Osteopathic Clinic



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