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Did you know handling, lifting or carrying accidents accounted for 20% of all employer reported non-fatal injuries to employees in the UK in 2018/19, according to the Labour Force Survey 2018/19.

Handling injuries can be incredibly detrimental to the long-term health of an employee, even risking their future. The most common injury caused by handling is strain and damage to the back, spine and neck, something we see regularly in the clinic.

Unfortunately, spinal injuries can result in permanent trouble with movement, requiring lengthy spells of treatment and possibly forcing early retirement if the person affected cannot perform manual tasks following injury.

Working in a clinical environment is very different to providing manual handling training and risk assessments in industrial environments, but like working with patients we help to reduce the risk of injury by ensuring that employees and patients are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out their tasks safely and efficiently.

Being an osteopath and manual handling trainer is incredibly useful as we can help employees who also have existing back issues, providing them with advice and guidance on how to manage their condition in the workplace. This can help to reduce the risk of further injury and enable employees to continue working without undue pain or discomfort.

Taking a proactive approach to manual handling training and engaging the services of an expert manual handling trainer, employers can not only fulfil their legal obligations, but also demonstrate their commitment to the wellbeing of their employees. This can lead to a more motivated and engaged workforce, as well as a reduced risk of costly work-related injuries.

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