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Francis Connor

How do I get rid of this pain down my leg?

What you need to know!

When you have a pain down the leg it can change so much about how you live our life!

Stopping you from exercising, going to work, simply doing the things you like doing…
Now a pain down the leg can be caused by a number of things, such as;
– Joint pain
– Disc injury
– Musculoskeletal problem
– Pathology
– Arthritis
-Hip problems
You also need to be aware of red flags and yellow flags, these are indications of issues that may be serious..
Now if you google “how do I get rid of the pain down my leg”
The search results show exercise, supplements and all kinds of stuff.
You will find 9 things to help your pain, 3 exercises to cure pain down the leg, however without a diagnosis at best it’s a gamble.
If you try enough things you may just get lucky, or you simply waste money or you might actually make it worse….
Here’s what you need to know to get rid of the pain down the leg..
– what is actually causing your pain
– why is it causing pain
– how can it be prevented or simply managed
So the first things first.. you need a DIAGNOSIS only then can you take away the guess work and improve your chances of eliminating the pain down your leg….
Now this short article is never going to find you the answers you need, more than any article on the internet will, there are simply too many factors to consider.
You need a diagnosis to help you get rid of the pain down your leg, and to get back to doing the things you enjoy.
Some clinics would simply book you in for a course of 8 treatment or so, however we only want to book you in if we feel it will help to get you back moving well, With this in mind rather than simply book you in, we want you to be confident in what we say and recommend and so give you the opportunity to discuss your pain and issues and to see if we can help you first…
So our solution is;
We offer a FREE 20 minute consultation to discuss your pain and possible solutions.
Now as a busy clinic we have to limit the time we give freely so we only offer a small number of these appointment a day so booking is vital.
In that consultation you will gain an understanding of the What, Why, & How to get rid of your pain
This is an Actual Consultation with an Osteopath/Physiotherapist at our clinic in Bolton.
We look forward to helping you with that
Remember, if you want to get rid of a pain down the leg

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Remember: Osteopaths don’t just treat Back Pain

We also treat…. Sports Injuries, Stiff Joints, Shoulder Pain, Leg Pain… and much more

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