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Don't make these 2 common mistakes

Hamstring Strain- Firstly Avoid the two most common mistakes with hamstring injuries.


1: Excessive activity  

2:Passive lengthening of hamstring. 

Often we see patients who have tried to run through the pain  or put weight through it, don’t you could make it a lot worse.


Don’t start stretching the life out of it, you may have heard stretch is good for the hamstring, which is it but not when it is injured, it is all about the timing.

Do use ice particularly the first three days,

Next get it assessed and start a rehabilitation plan.
The aim of treatment is to reduce pain and to restore the function to the highest possible degree and return to full activities with minimal risk of reinjury.

Hamstring strain injuries are challenging for both patient and therapist given the frequency of injury, slow healing, and persistent symptoms. Moreover, nearly one third of these injuries recur within the first year following a return to activity, with subsequent injuries often being more severe than the original.

Best advice; get it assessed and get a plan. If in doubt give us a call on 01204 522133 or book in online 24/7 to discuss…

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