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How to stay injury free…

Assess Treat Rehabilitate and Keep Playing

Over the years we have treated many golfers ranging from young amateurs to keen enthusiasts. We have also treated many players who have retired into the sport having been involved previously with other sports such as football, running and even martial arts.

Golf can often create movements that contort your body into oddly twisted postures, generating a lot of force. Throw in repetition, bending over, taking 3-4 hours there is potential to create backpain or injury.

So you need to be proactive and minimise the negative impact of golf on your body and be pain free.

Firstly don’t wait for things to go wrong before you do something about it….

Backpain, which is quite common is a warning something is wrong and without the right intervention may get worse, or simply increase the risk of future injury.

So here’s our top tips to help you keep playing golf and be pain free.

The right equipment and kit, get measured and buy the best possible within your budget that is tailored to your body. 

Kit and suitability varies for  men and women, occasionally you may inherit your spouses clubs, or even a friends. Getting by may be good until the point  were  you want to stick to your new found interest, however with golf there are plenty of  variables such as club length, structure, Type, flexibility and even material that affects your technique and movement.

Prepare your body for the job at hand to warm up the joints before you play and after the game stretch. 

If you are experiencing any aches and pains get it treated, if the pain is from arthritic changes speak to a coach and get your technique assessed so not to create adaptions to play which may injure you further. 

Mobility and flexibility will help you stay playing, but to get the best out of play have lessons, use a coach and learn to swing correctly. You will play better and reduce the stress onto your body.

If you have a bag pull, not carry. Poor lifting can really put pressure onto your body and create irritations to the shoulders, spine, hips and knees. 

If walking 18 holes is a challenge or the course is a little hilly maybe book a buggy if they have one, but try not to rely on them you need to maintain stamina and also try not get bounced around on them.

Balance is key so keep your full body involved, intermittently swing in the opposite direction to keep movement and prevent tension building up and stressing your body further.

Hydrate, keeping fluid intake to an optimum is vital. Dehydration can lead to fatigue increasing the risk of injury.

Better health gives a better body and a healthier mind so check what you put into your body, don’t drink alcohol or smoke while playing as they are detrimental to your health and both can cause loss of fluid.   

If you do injure yourself while playing don’t carry on, minimise the risk, there will be other games.

How can Deansgate Osteopathic Clinic help….

Firstly we deal with your pain, after this osteopaths examine the whole body with expert knowledge on spinal mechanics, we assess, treat, rehabilitate and help you manage your body, addressing imbalances and putting plans into place to help you stay strong and 

mobile, ultimately pain free and playing golf.



Learn how your body works and understand your injury.


Get treatment from knowledgeable experienced osteopaths


Rehabilitation plan to prevent return and assist in injury management.

Here’s a few tips from the GOLF MONTHLY…

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