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With any sport we get injuries, they are varied and common and more often than not, down to training routine including but ruling out other factors frequency, duration and speed.
If you are a professional athlete this may be the main source, however, amateurs and causal exercisers have to contend with the pressures and loads placed upon the body at home and work, such as long periods sitting over a desk, driving, plastering walls or picking up grand kids.
Back pain is by far one of the most common injuries, with neck, shoulder pain, hips and knees all in the mix to name a few.
But did you know research has shown that poor posture of the neck, shoulders and upper back can all contribute to people developing pain in their necks?. something we see in the clinic with runners, cyclists and lots of people now working from home.
Posture is a much-debated topic around neutral spine and poor posture, does it have anything to do with pain at all.
Personally, speaking and having a strong clinical background I can say with confidence, posture influences performance and there is an optimum posture for the activity at hand.
We can say posture contributes to cervogenic headaches and shoulder pain.
We can say posture influences our breathing capacity.
We can say posture influences how our feet contact the floor.
It’s worth thinking about posture as a dynamic ever-changing position, kinda like how we brace ourselves to lift something, or change our leg position to push a heavy object. Have you ever watched a weightlifter get ready to do an Olympic lift, or had a personal trainer teach you about the complexities of a deadlift? (This is where online training fails, having a set of skilled eyes watch you move and correct your position will help develop good form and reduce the risk of injury).
What does mean for the athlete and runner?
If you are experiencing headaches and shoulder pain running or training, start looking at your posture, examining the demands you are placing on your body, assess the requirements needed for your chosen sport and lifestyle, correct accordingly, if this is out of your skill set attend the clinic and find a good personal trainer.
Or maybe book in with our Masters Rehabilitation Therapists for a full assessment with a exercise program designed specific for you and what you need, this will be provided as a printout, and/or on a Mobile App.
Clinically speaking we can:
Assess the whole body
Cary out a Gait Analysis, not just walking or running but balance and motion, watching the centre of gravity adjust as someone performs a simple squat can look like an etch a sketch drawing (if you can remember them!). This informs us precisely how you are moving and contacting the floor. If orthotics are indicated we can get them made specific to you motion pattern to offer the precise support and stability.
Provide treatment for your specific injuries.
Address imbalance and rehabilitation with exercise prescription.
Finally we help you help you Integrate a plan into your daily activities to reduce the risk of re-injury.

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