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Frozen Shoulder Treatment

 Frozen shoulder is a term that covers a ranges of symptoms, usually pain and reduced range on motion, the stiffness and pain seems to just come on, lasting months and even years. 

A difficult condition that you may have seen unsuccessfully your GP will look at:

  1. Pain relief – advise to avoid movements that cause you pain. Only move your shoulder gently. Use paracetamol or ibuprofen to ease the pain.
  2. Further Strong pain and swelling relief – prescribed painkillers. Maybe steroid injections in your shoulder to bring down the swelling.
  3. Referral for physio – shoulder exercises once it’s less painful, physio within the NHS is generally exercise orientated and limited access. 

Treatment for frozen shoulder can take a while to recover from and can take unto 18 months, though this tends to be much less with pain management and effective treatment.

Our treatment for frozen shoulder will consider the whole shoulder complex, not just the painful bit  with a view to encourage movement and a return to full function. 

Your GP may prescribe treatment though this is generally limited in time, access and to exercise sheets. 

Specific aspects for frozen shoulder treatment include:

  • stretching exercises
  • massage
  • warm and cold therapy (thermotherapy)
  • mobilisation
  • manipulation


If you are unsure if Osteopathy will help you? Maybe you have had treatment before without the results? maybe you have had treatment and things are worse, Speak to one of our Osteopaths to get answers to your questions: 01204 522133 


Deansgate Osteopathic Clinic look to provide effective treatment and support  from experienced and proven Osteopaths and physiotherapists to help you become shoulder pain pain free and back to enjoying the things you love;

A full assessment

A diagnosis

Effective Treatment 
The best advice to help prevent a return of your pain

How to get back to the exercise you love doing
How to strengthen your back or injured body

When necessary ongoing support and treatment

Our treatment will not simply involve talking you through exercises or leaving you on a machine, our treatment is based on getting your body moving in the most effective pain free  way possible, a hands on approach with a detailed look at your lifestyle influences such as working posture.

So here are the Deansgate Osteopathic Clinic here’s what we actually tell you…
– what is actually causing your pain 
– why it is causing pain 
– how can it be prevented or simply managed

Alternatively Tel:01204 522133

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