Christmas has passed and the New Year in forward motion! its time to start swopping some of the unhealthy snacks to snacks that may actually help us…

As research examines the scientific implications of inflammation and into its affects on our body, it can be seen that it is rooted in so many diseases and conditions, it affects our skin, movement and even food digestion. It really is worth looking at with a view to manage and minimise its affect….

Today I’ll give some of my favourite foods that are quite versatile and tasty..

They also have a positive affect on inflammation.

Now this article is not about curing inflammation; with inflammatory conditions you really do need medical assistance, but what we do eat and digest influences you health.

Foods commonly associated with inflammatory issues have a tendency  to be processed and modified food. A lot of our food on the shelves are treated to last longer or to keep it degrading in packaging. We need to remember the body needs to break these additives down to use the food and eliminate the waste. If we are ill or experiencing digestive issues lets make life easier on the body.

So to help with your day to day well-being there are a few healthy options to snack on which contain quality protein, there are many to choose and  along with a better diet really should be examined in your day to day eating habits, especially snacks. Some of the building blocks of health for growth, function and recovery come from amino acids, some are essential amino acids that we cannot produce so these must be included as part of the diet, these components can help with inflammation which help with protecting you body. They are not in all foods so awareness of your food is a must, there is a phrase “empty calories”  which refers to foods devoid of nutrition and simply contain more calories from sugar, additives and colourings, well its time to cut them down and healthy are you food in greater detail. 

So let give you some tasty foods to put into your diet and nutrition plan.


Almonds can protect you against a number of diseases: from heart problems, cholesterol, to diabetes and even immune function. They’re also a great source of healthy fats as well as vitamins, minerals and protein. The almond really does provide for a tasty snack to take with you where ever you are, you can crunch away or simply ground and put over your cereal.


Spinach is known for its antioxidant qualities and their anti-inflammatory powers, its a dark leafy vegetable which can be added to salads, sandwiches, often blended into a smoothie or grazed on. Its really up to you.


Oily fish is often called a super food for its amazing properties, there are rich in essential fatty acids (EFA’S), such as EPA these are essential because we cannot produce them so dietary inclusion is a must. Omega-3 fatty acids, are essential for optimal brain and heart health.

As well as EFA’s salmon contains plenty of vitamins and protein which combined with some green vegetables makes a wonderful meal, it mixes with so much giving balance to many food dishes.


What is there to say here, eggs are a great food. They are one of the best source of proteins you can get and provided you don’t eat them raw you can’t go wrong with them. The protein thats broken down to amino acids simply help with so much of the bodies functions, as a well known quality proteins they are used by athletes and body builders worldwide, but simply put they are fantastic as a breakfast that offers so many ways to eat.

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