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Here are some common foot issues experienced by runners, walkers, footballers and many other athletes…





Here at Deansgate Osteopathic Clinic we are experts in musculature skeltal disorders… the foot is the point of surface contact for the body, an integral part of how you walk, run, stand pretty much everything you do on your feet!

We help you stay foot pain free to stay active and moving, wether you are an athlete looking to training for the olympics or a retired teacher wanting to enjoy the garden, from flat feet to plantar fasciitis. 

We use an in-depth process to assess treat rehabilitate and manage foot injuries.

#1 Detailed Physical Assessment

#2 Full body assessment as we know you are more than just your feet.

#3 Dynamic Gait Analysis, this also includes a static and balance assessment

#4 Exercise plan for injury recovery 

#5 Exercise plan for the full body

#6 We are a Gait & Motion Registered Expert Clinic providing Phits Custom 3D print orthotics built specific to you based on real time data.

#7 Create management & prevention strategies for a long term solution

Tech Neck

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Custom Orthotics For Runners

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Gait Analysis For Rehabilitation

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Custom Orthotics For Flat Feet

Flat feet is often seen with patients often coming to the clinic for treatment, showing signs of collapsed arches or overpronating during a gait analysis or exercise screening process,If Planus foot morphology (Flat Foot) is associated with frequent knee pain and...

Coronavirus Covid 19 Tests

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The difference between symptom alleviation and resolution

Its all going to make sense...I broke down last week in my car and rather than call the AA out to resolve it I contacted my brothers and asked them to push me home, it was excellent I carried on moving down the street and I managed to finish my journey and get home,...

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