FASTER TREATMENT = FASTER RECOVERY Often by the time people come t ourselves for treatment they may have had the problem for quite some time…. Waiting for things to go so to speak, something we have all done. With injuries the initial reaction is to stop training and reduce activities and to allow the healing to occur with rehabilitation an after thought.   But is this the best way to go, and will it get you back to the sports and activities you love?

    A study published September 2017 issue of New England Journal of Medicine compared the effect of starting rehab post muscle injury at two days’ vs nine days. The participants was followed for 12 months and found that the early rehab group returned to competitive pain free sport 20 days quicker than those who delayed their rehab to nine days with no difference on re-injury rates.   Our body is designed to take load and just like when we train to get stronger, faster and fitter, our bodies also need to be trained and trained early to promote the most effective recovery process and get you back training as quickly as possible!   Now you may be thinking I’m no athlete or competitor but the principle is the same, especially with long standing injuries that simply the sooner you get fit the better, the sooner you get moving right the less impact compensations, levels of fitness impact you. If in doubt call the clinic 01204 522133 or simply book online 24/7


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