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Clinic attendance

The clinic is in the process of opening for non-vulnerable, and non-shielding patients. Vulnerable patients or shielding patients should book in for an Online Consultation.

As healthcare practitioners we are required to follow strict guidelines, we look to our patients and visitors to help maintain our practice by following the same actions. To assist in this, we have implemented patient guidelines and put in place protocols to keep you informed.

Covid-19 has changed the way we practise, our guides are to reduce risks to our patients, staff and therapists and to their families.

If you have any questions please contact via email;

Procedures and Hygiene Measures

Whilst we cannot guarantee no risk of COVID-19 transmission, our new procedures and hygiene measures which will keep this risk very low:

Hygiene Measures in the Clinic:

The Osteopath will wash their hands or use hand sanitiser (as currently), and use gloves as necessary

The Osteopath will wear a face mask and apron, and goggles as necessary, which will be changed after each work session.

Each patient should bring their own face mask.

Each patient should bring a towel to cover them during treatment

Each patient should wash their hands immediately on entering the clinic.

Your appointment reminder will contain a Covid-19 questionaries’ which needs to be returned along with other forms, if you are experiencing any sign or symptom’s; please DO NOT make an appointment or cancel your scheduled appointment you will not be changed for the cancellation.


Please arrive on time.  Clients arriving more than 5 mins early should wait in their car.

Your actual appointment time in the clinic will be 30 minutes (entry to exit).

On entry to the clinic your temperature will be taken with a non-contact handheld device, if you have a high temperature you will not be allowed to have treatment in the clinic.

You will be led through the clinic to the consultation room, washing hands on entry and on leaving the clinic.

Face to face and contact is more restricted, with this in mind our priority is to focus our face to face time on assessment and treatment.  

The strict time scheduling allows preparation and cleaning of each room after treatment which will be aired and vacant for 20 minutes to allow any air particles to settle therefore allowing a deeper clean.

The reception area is closed, and you will be in for the consultation time only, this will be challenging and difficult for many including ourselves as many of our patients are friends and close acquaintances and like many enjoy a good catch up. 

All appointments are required to be made online, this minimises contact and ensures your correct details taken. On making a consultation you will receive an email which will include all the necessary forms you need to fill in;

Consent Forms
Initial Consultation Questionnaire
Covid-19 Screening Questionnaire

We realise this seems a lot, unfortunately this is the climate we are living in and allows us to offer treatment in a challenging environment.

Key Points

Maximise assessment/treatment

Minimise all other face to face contact

Reception is closed.

Entry-Exit time 30 minutes

Temperature Taken- if High you cannot have treatment

Wash hands on entry and on leaving.

Payment online prior

Booking online

Consent forms online

Health Questionnaires online

Treatment may include


Joint articulation and mobility



Rehabilitation Exercise

Who can we treat In Person

In general, patients who are non-vulnerable, or are not shielding.

Patients we cannot treat

Patients who are identified as vulnerable, or as shielding, will be strongly discouraged from attending clinic, and will instead be offered Online Consultations.

Patients showing any signs of fever, coughing, sore throat, or any other COVID-19 symptoms

Patients who have had a fever in the last 7 days

Patients who have any cold symptoms

Patients who have had a family member who has had a fever in the last 14 days.

We reserve the right to decline In-Person bookings if we feel that there is a risk of COVID-19 transmission, or serious risk to a patient’s or practitioner’s health.

We provide Online Consultations for Osteopathic advice and rehabilitation exercises for those at home.

Alternatively Tel:01204 522133

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