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Francis Connor HPC & CSP
BUPA Physiotherapist Bolton

Francis Connor

Looking for a Bupa Physio?

 Here in Bolton we have an experienced and proven BUPA Physiotherapist to  help you become pain free and moving again. Deansgate Osteopathic Clinic have a great team to provide effective treatment and support.   Our BUPA registered  Physiotherapists is registered and experienced.  call today and lets get you back moving. 

 Here’s what we will do:

* A full musculature skeletal assessment
* A diagnosis
* The best advice to help prevent a return of your pain
* How to get back to the exercise you love doing
* How to strengthen your back for prevention
* When necessary ongoing support and management


Our treatment will not simply involve talking you through an exercise sheet, leaving you on a machine, we are hands on and engaging with an aim to help you become aware and understand whats happening and why,  our treatment is based on getting you moving pain free, using massage manipulation, joint articulation and exercises.

We will also look at your lifestyle influences such as working posture.

Here are the Deansgate Osteopathic Clinic  we look to tell you…

– What is actually causing your pain, muscle, joint, ligament

– Why it is causing pain

– How can it be prevented or simply managed

If you are unsure if Physiotherapy  will help you? Maybe you have had treatment before without the results? Speak to one of our Physio’s to get answers to your questions: 01204 522133 

Normally you do not need to be referred by your Doctor, however please contact BUPA to confirm and to receive your authorisation code.


Alternatively Tel:01204 522133

Here’s what our patients say..



Remember: Physio’s don’t just treat Sports Injuries

We also treat, Sports Injuries, Stiff Joints, Shoulder Pain, Leg Pain… and much more including gait analysis with Phits 3D Print custom orthotics for injuries such as plantar fasciitis..

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Bupa Physiotherapist
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Bupa Physiotherapist
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Francis Connor Deansgate Osteopathic Clinic,
152 Deansgate ,Bolton,BL1 1BB,
Telephone No.01204 522133
Bupa registered Physio in Bolton central registered with Health professional Council and the Chartered Society of Phyiotherapists.
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