It is estimated that between six and nine percent of the population are affected by Fibromyalgia it is a medical condition that is not fully understood. It is characterized by chronic pain in varied parts of the body, weakness, and fatigue mostly affects women. People with fibromyalgia are often treated with allopathic medication by the medical profession, but not everyone wants to take medication and prefer a more holistic approach. Bowen bodywork technique has shown promising results as it is a non-invasive physical therapy that can dramatically reduce the level of pain and improve the quality of life for some people.

How Bowen Technique Movements Help Relieve Fibromyalgia? 

It is a light touch therapy that is hard on pain. Your therapist will take your medical history to determine the nature of your treatment.  You will sit in a chair or lie on a therapy table for the treatment.  Your therapist will then use a series of movements specific to your needs on various parts of the body, over connective fascia tissue and muscles.  Instead of a stretch or a compression, Bowen movements “challenges” the muscle and its covering, or fascia.  These movements differ from massage, they do not involve vigorous rubbing or a great deal of repetition. Instead, the practitioner places gentle stimulus to certain points of the body and will then pause for a few minutes to then gage the bodies’ response.  This is a holistic treatment aiming to bring the whole body into back into a state of balance in which it can then begin to heal itself.

What is the Bowen Technique?

Tom Bowen developed his own individual method of gentle soft-tissue bodywork during the 1950s that is known as the Bowen Technique. Word of mouth drew patients to Bowen, who is reported to have helped thousands of people to find relief from pain, injury and many other ailments with his gentle hands. In 1974, Bowen met Oswald Rentsch a massage therapist and asked him to document how he worked. After Bowen died in 1982, Rentsch and his wife, Elaine, began teaching other people the Bowen Technique. The Bowen Technique has spread worldwide and is evolving constantly, as we begin to explore the fascinating world of fascia (connective tissue).

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