If you could go back in time and look into the history of your health, particularly backpain you might just see a pattern, if there was such as book it might have a few incidents like this…

This little read comes from a recent clinical presentation and unfortunately a common one.

A 50+ year old gentle man came to the clinic in relation to backpain being experienced.

Being a keen gardener he spent a lot of time in there, unfortunately  a while ago he had fallen over a small statue figure giving the hip and left side a hard impact.

He had a visit to the doctors where he was checked out, pain killers were given but it wasn’t considered serious enough for further investigation, phew it could have been serious..

He lived with an achey back for several months before seeing myself at the clinic.

Now as you know I am often the last port of call so here’s a brief outline of some of the symptoms.

Intermittent backpain with the development of occasional sensation down the leg, affecting his gardening, only exercise walking the dog and a week off work, the final nail so to speak.

I saw the gentleman 4 times and we got hm to a very comfortable position no pain, better movement, back in the garden without discomfort and the dog was happy too, not bad I thought.

We covered posture, maintaining fitness, modifying his exercise routine whilst adding a few, we had a discussion about diet & nutrition with some really positive changes to support his lifestyle and his body.

So what went wrong?…

A couple of months after the initial visit he simply got busy, the exercises stopped with a little more time in work, even the time in the garden had  reduced a little. The dog still got walked though.


He simply fell back into his old habits giving less priority to the body, but heres the point I’m making;

Previous backpain is a sign of things to come if you do not improve, change or support your body, it will return as it never happens for no reason. So if you have experienced backpain in the past there is a good chance it will come back unless you change what is happening. Outside of pathology/disease and genetics treatment can really help but with out change it cannot keep your backpain away, treatment creates movement and a body that moves well recovers well and stays well, going back to your old routines just takes you back to your old results, we are just a little older and less able to deal with another injury to the body.

In essence our gentleman needed to make the changes permanently, particularly exercises along with diet & nutrition and work life balance. Habits need to be changed with new ones created.

Think of your whole body like you do with your teeth, we clean and maintain them, we visit the dentist regularly to keep them in check and to resolve any issues.

The rest of the body is equally important, you wouldn’t take your car for a service and get the mechanic to look at the fuel pump only…

When you experience backpain and resolve it, it becomes a part of history, lets keep it there…

Anyway I hope that makes sense, and remember we are here if you need us.

And on that note keep well and keep moving 🙂

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