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We are often thought of as only a back pain clinic by many patients attending for treatment, this is because back pain is the number one reason for coming to Deansgate Osteopathic Clinic. Though we treat many things, this is an area we are very experienced in and considered the specialist ‘go to’ place to find answers and treatment options.

Ask yourself, “What have I got to do to stop my back pain and to prevent it from coming back?”

This is what we answer for you. You see many patients who visit the clinic have tried and tested various ways of dealing with back pain from medications, GP’s to different therapists. In fact Osteopaths are often the last resort for back pain sufferers.

Here at Deansgate Osteopathic Clinic we look to give a full assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and management plan. Ultimately the more you understand, the better equppied you are to confidently move forward to prevent and manage your body.

There are three points to really take on board that will help you be BACK PAIN FREE these are;

1. Action

2 .Diagnosis

3. Change

1: Action; Often back pain is ignored, and this obviously does not make it go away. You simply end up doing less and avoiding anything that makes it worse i.e. taking painkillers and anti-inflammatories so you don’t feel it.

After a period of time it’s settles down, and sometimes it can go, however not doing things and avoiding activities is not the way to go.

Why? Simple. By doing less we become less mobile, less able and possibly a little weaker. Activity and exercise keeps us strong and mobile. A little niggle becomes more frequent and can take the fun out of sports, destroying your motivation to train and get to those classes, eventually you “get a bad back”.

2: Diagnosis; A diagnosis gives a better prognosis with backpain, knowing what is creating your pain, i.e. tissue causing symptoms such as disc, muscle, joint or stenosis. This means a better treatment plan can be put together, or further investigation if indicated.

Knowing what tissue is causing what symptoms allows the right exercise to be given to build strength, mobility and flexibility allowing you to handle your daily activities again. The thing is there is no one approach and where though there is a load of good information on the internet it may simply make things worse,

3: Change; As a rule we don’t get backpain for no reason, it can be an impact or accident though most commonly a prolonged period of repetitive actions the body cannot handle, and though it seems to come on suddenly, there has usually been a catalogue of events. Something needs to change here’s where you have two options; don’t do what’s creating your pain or to make  your body strong enough to do the activity required.

Your number one priority with backpain is making your body fit for purpose, for this you need to;

Examine your current fitness levels and activities.

Assess your posture.

Know what your body needs to perform optimally for work, activities and sport.

Improving these will help you support your body to carry out the daily routine without pain and reduced risk of injury.

Visiting an osteopath can be very beneficial as we look at the what, why and how.  Discussing each aspect to give you the tools and knowledge to improve and manage your backpain.

Osteopathy: The Treatment Costs

All Osteopaths in Bolton Registered with the General Osteopathic Council

Initial consultation & treatment 45 minutes to 1 hour: £40.00
Follow Up treatment 30 minutes: £35.00

Concessionary discounts costs for OAP’s, Students and unemployed, recognised by all major insurance companies BUPA, AXA PPP, WPA please check your terms and conditions as some insurance companies charge you an excess.


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