What people with back pain need to know about Sciatica…
When experiencing back pain, it is often diagnosed as Sciatica, this is not a diagnosis itself more a sign that the nerve is irritated, and something is causing this irritation.
Sciatic irritation is associated with pain or discomfort which runs from the lower back all the way down to the feet, most commonly on one side of the body, if it is experienced on both sides professional help needs to be sorted quickly.
Pain is often felt around the lumbar spine, the lower back, the legs at the back, feet and toes. A stabbing, burning, or shooting pain, or tingling, numbness and weakness in these areas may be experienced depending on how the nerve is irritated.
Position and movement can often increase the symptoms while other movements and position may reduce the symptoms, if there is disc involvement sneezing, coughing, or bearing down when gong to the toilet can make it worse.
Common causes of Sciatica
– A bulging disc pressing against the nerve roots that lead to the sciatic nerve
– Pelvic injury or damage to the spine due to injury such as a fall or road traffic accident.
– Lifting heavy objects incorrectly or exercising outside the body’s ability.
When Sciatica is suspected it is important to know:
What is irritation the nerve?
Why is the irritation happening?
What actions, movements, and exercises to avoid?
What actions, movements, and exercises to start doing?
What is the necessary treatment to resolve?
How do you prevent a return of Sciatica?
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