Aidilla Jeharey

Massage Therapist

The stillness of the mind has been my ultimate aim in recent years.  An health advocate, a yoga enthusiast and teacher, I believe everyone goes through some difficulty at some point in time, and quite often we mask how we are feeling in order to face the daily reality. With that in mind, and through my experience in holistic health care, I often remind myself of the vulnerability of everyone that walks through the treatment room or the yoga class, and how I can help improve one’s quality of life through the therapies I provide. My delivery of treatment is always personal, and yet professional and respectful of one’s space and boundary.

Over the course of my holistic care endeavour, stress management has always been my area of interest, alongside movement disorders, anxiety and depression, addiction and cancer. And I am pleased to have the opportunity to embark in the area of yoga therapy to continuously develop in this area. For more information on yoga therapy sessions, please contact me for details.

  1. Body massage (relaxation and deep tissue)
  2. Indian head massage
  3. Reflexology
  4. Facial rejuvenation (facelift massage)
  5. Hypnotherapy (for stress & anxiety, performance anxiety)

Deansgate Osteopathic Clinic T:01204 522133

Deansgate Osteopathic Clinic
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Tel:01204 522 133

Manchester Central
Manchester Osteopaths
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