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You may have seen or heard about acupuncture and know it’s a therapy that uses needles to help people with headaches and sore backs, however there’s so much more to acupuncture than that! As it receives more credit in many studies more and more people of all ages are using acupuncture to help manage stress and anxiety, to promote their overall well being and to help their condition alongside usual medical care.

How Can Acupuncture Help You

Commonly recommended for the treatment of chronic lower back pain, migraines, urinary incontinence and dental pain, it also suggests acupuncture is useful for nausea, vomiting and for relieving the symptoms of osteoarthritis of the knee.

A growing body of scientific evidence shows acupuncture has an important role to play in both managing and relieving the symptoms of complex conditions and the side effects of medication.

Acupuncture is a safe cost effective choice for a range of health issues and regularly used in the NHS alongside other treatment modules.
As part of your healthcare plan acupuncture can help with:
•Anxiety, stress and depression
•Childbirth and pregnancy
•Chronic fatigue
•Chronic pain
•Digestive disorders – IBS
•Fertility – male and female
•Multiple sclerosis
•Sports injuries
•Support through assisted reproduction
•Substance misuse and detox
•Women’s health – menstrual and menopausal symptoms – endometriosis, PCOS and painful periods.

If you’re unsure how acupuncture can help you, then you really need to speak to an acupuncturist to discuss your needs and  concerns contact us here at Deansgate Osteopathic Clinic our acupuncturist Martine Duma is always happy to discuss your needs.

What To Expect

There is often a fear going to see an acupuncturist which can make you a little or maybe a lot nervous, but you don’t need to be its not painful. The needles are very fine, sterile and only used once. You may experience a tingling, a dull heavy sensation or nothing at all – these are all normal reactions. Relaxed is often mentioned on asking client how feel after Acupuncture with  overall an enjoyable experience.

If you have any more queries regarding acupuncture visit our Q&A on Acupuncture.
To find out more about our Acupuncturist Martine Duma

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