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An Integrated Approach To Common Conditions

Here in Bolton we see a variety of conditions, injuries and traumas. Below is a list of some of the more common ones, though its not a full and conclusive list.

If you have any issues are are not sure if we can help you’re particular condition please contact the clinic to talk to a therapist, if they are with a patient we will organise a suitabley convenient time for a call back.




Probably what we are most known for and experts in treating.

Knee Pain

Treatment and rehabilitation for knees after ligament and menisci injury.


A painful condition common associated with pain going down the leg.

Neck Pain

Often associated with poor posture or impact, understanding is key.


Unfortunately quite common and can involve neck and shoulder issues


A painful condition often associated with road traffic accidents and traumas.

Therapists & Treatment

Meet the team who help you look after yourself and the conditions you present, you can see the therapy they offer, here at Deansgate Osteopathic Clinic we pride ourselves on giving the best plan to help you move forward with recovery, rehabilitation getting you back to the things you love. We work with elite athletes, local clubs and many people who simply want to be fit and healthy to enjoy life, to just keep going to the club for a game.
For many keeping fit is part of our social life we want you to keep moving, keep active and enjoy the activities that put a smile on you face.

Francis Connor


Susan Feetham


Martine Dume


Gary Ashworth

Massage Therapist

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